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A Mother's Love

My name is Jacquelyn Vercher, I’m the mother of (poppy ) Robert Vercher. Im writing this to let everyone know that if it had not been for POPPY illness this CHARITY may not be. I am so glad that GOD put this CHARITY in AMANDA heart and she responded to it. POPALOCK CHARITY has helped me and POPPY children tremendously not only financial but through LOVE, CARING and HOPE. YES!!!! LOVE- the out pouring of others heart to help. CARING – showing the love not just saying it. HOPE – the out pouring of Words of Comfort, Tough Love, Understanding, Healing and most of all Giving of oneself well deserving. Reaching out all over the Highways and Airways to comfort other needs is a Blessing. So many don’t have financial needs and their illnesses just withered away. Robert (poppy) went through so many treatments from pills, shots three times week twice a day, medications intravenously and stem cell therapy which didn’t work cause his Multiple Sclerosis was to aggressive. The people who contribute to help get the stem cell therapy monies enjoyed themselves getting it which it still was not in vain. He stayed strong in his Faith which help him and the family to accept his illness in an out most Pleasant way that really can’t be explain on paper. Robert Smile and Jester were just Awesome. Robert always talked with his eye’s which was something to see because it was like we could See and Hear every word he was trying to say.


Words can’t explain or show how much I value everyone who has anything to do with POPALOCKCHARITY you all gave us our lives back!!! !!!!! THANKS A MILLION !!

Jacquelyn Vercher


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